Khorshied Machalle is a singer, songwriter, actress, and activist. Khorshied wrote the words, music, and sings on "One Last Glance," "Don't Turn Your Faces Away," and "Stillness." Khorshied produced this benefit CD project with George Winston and Howard Johnston.

    M. Hasan Nusratty (Khorshied's father) was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and has lived in the USA since 1955. Hasan can sing and recall hundreds of songs and poems from the Afghan and Iranian cultures, and has inspired all three of his children to appreciate music, culture and the art of the world. It is with great love and pride he appears on this album, singing "Amade Budi" and "Delbarrah."

    Fatana Kohzad (Khorshied's cousin) was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and has lived in the USA since 1973. A self-taught singer, Fatana has always sung songs in English, Farsi, French and Italian. Her amazing voice and great love of singing has inspired her cousins and those around her, and we are very happy to include her singing of "Ai Sarabon" and "Mai Han."

    Sakhi Karimi is a harmonium and keyboard player and singer from Kabul, Afghanistan. He is married to Khorshied's cousin, Qadria, and lives with her in Southern California. Sakhi plays harmonium on "Amade Budi" and "Ai Sarabon."

    Jawad is from Afghanistan, was a freedom fighter during the Soviet occupation and is a political refugee from that war. It is common in Afghanistan to use only one name. Jawad also plays harmonium on "Amade Budi" and "Ai Sarabon."

    Toryali Hashimy is from Afghanistan and was living in the refugee camps in Pakistan for over a year before he came to the USA as a political refugee 2 years ago. Toryali plays tabla on "Amade Budi," "Delbarrah," "Ai Sarabon," and "Mai Han."

    Omar Naim was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, is a gifted singer and songwriter of Afghan-American songs and plays harmonium on "Mai Han".

    George appears courtesy of RCA/Victor Group.

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